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MX8 Applications and Uses


Wheel bearings – Ball joints – CV & universal joints – Tie rod ends – All control and gear change cables – All metal bushes and linkages – 4 WD winches – Trailer ball couplings.


Aircraft wheel bearings – All control cables and linkages – All bearings, bushes, control cables and linkages on ground support equipment and machinery.


All sealed for life bearings – Open bearings and bushes – Worm and screw drives.


All mower bearings, bushes and control cables – All wheel bearings, bushes, hoist chains, sprockets and control cables on Forklifts, Front End loaders and Pallet Trolley Jacks – Saw and log feed bed bearings in Saw Mills – Air conditioner bearings and bushes.


All wheel bearings – Track sprockets and pins – PTO splines and couplings – Control cables. linkages, tie rod ends, chains and winches on Bobcats, Backhoes, Trenchers, Post Hole Diggers, Bull Dozers and Scrapers.


All electrical motor, generator, Alternator bearings and bushes, Solenoid shafts.


All wheel bearings – PTO couplings and Splines – Chain drives and sprockets – Winches and cables – Wind mill bushes and shafts – Overhead and elbow gears in shearing sheds – Pump motors – Pins, linkage points, ball joints, universal joints, control cables on Tractors, Harvesters, All Farm Machinery and Equipment.


All fishing reel bearings and bushes – Cable drum bearings, cables, gears and tackle blocks on Fishing Boats and Trawlers – Anchor winches and cables.


Fan motor bearings in cold rooms and freezers – Conveyor belt bearings All machinery.


Boat trailer wheel bearings – Trailer ball couplings – Deck and anchor winches Steering control cables – All electric motor bearings, bendex assemblies and solenoid shafts – Stuffing box bushes.


All bearings, chain drives, PTO splines and couplings, ball joints, universal joints, control cables, tie rod ends, turntables, pins, bushes and hinges used below and above ground – All electric motors and solenoid shafts, pumps, Draglines, Dump Trucks, Grading and Sorting Machinery, conveyors and all other Mining Machinery and Equipment.


Hinge pins on container doors – All bearings, bushes, pins, linkages, ball, universal & CV joints, control cables, chains used in winches, Hoists, Loading Equipment, Cranes, Forklifts, Container Handlers and Wharf Machinery Bearings, bushes and cables used in Winches and Boat Cradle Wheels & Tracks on slips.


Wheel bearings – Ball joints – King pins – Universal joints – Turn tables Spring shackles – Air brake slack adjusters – Trailer couplings – Tie rod ends – Idler arm bushes – Control cables and linkages – All electric motor and air starter motor bearings.