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Frequently asked questions of MX5

What does NSF approved mean?

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is an independent, non-profit making organisation. The NSF H1 standard is globally accepted as confirming the food grade lubricant is safe for use in applications where incidental food contact may occur.

H1 – Acceptable for use where there is incidental food contact.

H2 – Acceptable for use where there is no possibility of food contact.

H3 – Acceptable for use as a soluble oil

HT1 – Acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid where this is possibility of incidental food contact

3H – Acceptable for use as a release agent on hard surface in direct contact with meat and poultry

Why would I use INOX-MX5 Plus PTFE over INOX-MX3?
INOX-MX5 Plus is an extreme pressure lubricant, which means it will lubricate better under high loads. INOX-MX5 Plus can take loads nearly as high as some greases on the market today.