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MX3 Supreme Lubricant

Available sizes: 

 60ml Needle Injector, 100g & 300g Aerosol, 125ml Pump, 750ml Spray Bottle, 5, 20 & 205 Liter.

Over the years Inox MX3 has become known as the "Supreme Lubricant" and the go-to product when the highest quality is needed.  The special MX3 anti-corrosion, anti-moisture formula is now sought after all around the globe making it one of the leading lubricants in the world.  

Why MX3 ?

  • Displaces, penetrates, lubricates and protects.
  • INOX-mx3 contains no silicon, acid, kerosene or diesel.
  • INOX-mx3 will not harm metal points or surfaces, plastics, paints, enamels, fiberglass, Formica or neoprene seals
  • INOX-mx3 doesn’t dry out, gum up, become gooey or sticky or wash off with water.
  • INOX-mx3 is non-conductive, non-static, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-staining.
  • CAUTION:  Inox may affect some natural rubber products with continual long-term use.