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INOX for Commercial Uses


Food Grade Approval: Type A Lubricant (A.Q.I.S.) D.P.I. Australia

U.S.D.A. Approval Primary Production

OFFICE EQUIPMENTINOX lubricant is suitable for the servicing and maintenance of all office equipment. Use INOX to free any frozen parts, helps in the removal of and gives protection against corrosion reforming. Use INOX to lubricates shafts, slides, bushes, small pin and ball bearings in photocopiers, fax machines, paper shredders, typewriters,scales, cash registers, printers and adding machines. Spray INOX onto a soft cotton cloth and use to clean and polish office equipment and furniture. INOX stops computer keyboards from sticking Spray INOX into electrical sockets, onto plugs and computer cable connectors and office equipment parts to stop moisture and corrosion forming. Use INOX to remove coffee and tea stains and polish the stainless steel sink in the office kitchen, dry the stainless steel sink and spray a good coating of INOX on it and use a plastic scubbing pad to clean off the stains and polish the sink, clean off the INOX using detergent & hot water, the sink will be nicely polished stay easy to clean for months.

CONCRETING EQUIPMENT & TOOLS: Use INOX lubricant to protect trowels, floating screeds, mixer bowls, rotary finishers and stone & concrete cutting saw blades from corrosion between use. Stops concrete and mortar from sticking to window frames & glass, boxing and concrete mixers. Spray INOX on the outside of mixers before use, makes them easier to clean. Stops moisture and corrosion problems with electric concrete mixer motors and other equipment. Use INOX to lubricate bushes and chain drives. INOX can be easily removed with white spirit, kerosine or dry cleaning spirit.

LAUNDRY & KITCHEN: Use INOX anti-corrosion lubricant to penetrate and free up taps, valves, switches, solenoids, etc. INOX has a wide application for the repairs and maintenance of commercial washing machines, water extractors, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators and food mixers. INOX stops the problems with moisture and corrosion in washing machines, water extractors and dishwashers, spray into switches, light fittings, solenoids, plugs & sockets, motors, cold room exhaust fan motors and wiring circuits. Use INOX to lubricate ceiling, air conditioning, cold room exhaust fans and equipment, drive motors, shafts, splines, bushes and chains. Spray INOX on a non metallic scrubbing cloth for the removal of tea, coffee and food stains from and to polish stainless steel sinks(any residual INOX can easily be removed with dish washing detergent and water). INOX will help in the removal of stains on the outside of doors on baking ovens. CAUTION: When using the INOX aerosol can, please allow a few minutes for the propellant gat (hydrocarbons) to dissipate before switching on electric current. This procedure is not required for the non-aerosol packaged INOX.

MOWERS, CHAIN SAWS, ETC: Use INOX to penetrate and free up bolts & nuts, bushes, bearings & shafts on rotary hoe blades, mower blades, splines and couplings, spray on before reassembly for easier removal next time. Use INOX to lubricate mower chain drives, splines & couplings, wheels, control cables, bushes & bearings, electric hedge trimmer blades, self oilers on chain saws, stops corrosion under chain saw links caused by corrosive timber resins. Use INOX on  all electrical parts and fittings and battery terminals to stop moisture & corrosion forming. Spray INOX on frames and body panels before using equipment for the easier removal of mud, dirt and grass after use. Use INOX to clean,  polish and protect equipment & cutting blades between use from rust and corrosion.

PRINTING: Spray INOX Anti-corrosion lubricant on off set printing plates and numerical collator units to protect them from moisture and corrosion between use, increases the shelf life of off set printing plates. INOX is ideal to use for repairs, servicing and the on going maintenance of printing equipment. INOX is compatible with printers ink and can easily be cleaned off with most mineral based solvents.

PNEUMATIC AND ELECTRIC HAND TOOLS: Use INOX to lubricate all pneumatic and electric powered nailing guns, metal shears, drills, saws, planers, etc. Stops moisture build up and corrosion in pneumatic power tools. Use INOX for repairs, servicing and long term protection from moisture and corrosion between use.


SAWS AND CUTTING BLADES: Spray INOX on timber, milling, sawmill, power and hand saw blades, hedge trimmer blades, large & small pruning blades, axes and machetes after sharpening and between use to protect them from rust and corrosion. INOX will readily penetrate and free up frozen pruning shears, hedge trimmer blades and branch toppers and keep them in good serviceable working condition. Use INOX as a lubricant on oilstones for sharpening chisels, electric & hand planer and other cutting blades.

PLUMBING: INOX will readily penetrate and free up frozen taps, cold & hot water valves and pipe fittings caused by rust and corrosion. INOX is a good thread cutting and tapping lubricant. Use INOX to lubricate and protect wrenches & hand tools from corrosion.

WELDERS & WELDING: Use INOX to lubricate wire feeds on MIG welders, anti-splatter for electric welding stainless steel and to protect ordinary steel welds from rusting before painting. After washing with white spirits, INOX is powder coat compatible.



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