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What are Fuel Medic Products?

Fuel medic additives are formulated to clean fuel systems from the inside out.  A clean fuel system will better atomize fuels causing them to burn more completely and efficiently.  We formulate our products to provide real, measurable benefits and to protect and lengthen the service life of you car, truck, boat, motorcycle, tractor, construction equipment, generator, lawn maintenance equipment or any other equipment powered by gasoline, diesel or bio-diesel.

Fuel Medic products have a unique proprietary base technology that allows fuels to atomize into smaller droplets.  These smaller droplets burn more complete.y, converting more of the fuel energy into usable power.  This gives you a clean engine fuel system, combustion chamber, valves and if you have on a cleaner turbocharger.  Our additives will then allow these componenets to produce fuel atomized to the smallest droplets possible, which in turn makes them more fuel efficient, provides more power and significantly reduces exhause emissions.