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What is De-Oil-It?

Available sizes:
Industrial Strength 
5 gallon Pail, 55 gallon drum & 275 gallon tote
After 13 years of intense testing and research, Green World Products, LLC has finally begun distribution of what many environmentalists are calling today’s answer to the world’s petroleum waste problems, DE-OIL-IT.

In their many forms, petroleum waste kills the earth’s natural bacteria on contact which slows down the natural breakdown process for decades. When applied to grease, fuel, and oil spills, DE-OIL-IT has the ability to disarm these toxic molecules rendering them to be no longer bio-available. Earth’s natural bacteria can then digest the hydrocarbons completely.

What’s left is an inert form of air, water, and carbon (basically just ordinary dirt) which can then be safely returned back to the ecosystem. Nothing short of sensational, DE-OIL-IT is not harmful to the water column, plants, or marine life. DE-OIL-IT is non-toxic and completely biodegradable.