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Available in the following sizes

22 oz Spray Bottle Fuel & Oil Spill Eliminator

Ready to Use

1 gallon jug, 2.5 gallon jug, 55 gallon drum & 275 gallon tote

Industrial Strength

5 gallon Pail, 55 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote

As a distributor, we do not sell to the general public.


You can follow the links below to purchase Ready to Use products from either a trusted local dealer or from Amazon.  

Ready  to Use SDS 

Industrial Use SDS 

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What is DE-OIL-IT?

As a distributor for Greenworld Innovations Corp, JB Enterprises is pleased to announce that DE-OIL-IT is now listed on the EPA managed NCP list as a surface washing agent.

The official disclaimer states

"DE-OIL-IT is on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's NCP Product Schedule. This listing does NOT mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies, or authorizes the use of DE-OIL-IT on an oil discharge. This listing means only that data have been submitted to EPA as required by subpart J of the National Contingency Plan, 40 CFR Section 300.915."

De-Oil-It was tested on over 350+ successful oil remediation cleanup projects supervised and closed by the EPA. The end results were either non-detect pollution levels OR negligent readings of contamination. Remediation efforts report time was reduced from 3 to 4 months to 4 to 6 weeks cleaning time.

De-Oil-It utilizes "colloidal micelle" chemistry. De-Oil-It surrounds degraded / decomposed/ dissembled oil with a negative charge increasing the affinity to surrounding water molecules to completely remove off the surface. This is the reason there is no residue left behind on solid surfaces.

De-Oil-It has emulsification inducing ingredients. This translates to De-Oil-It treated oil on the water stays on the surface because of the emulsifying properties. The contaminant is encapsulated in the micelle formation and its mass density is reduced to floating on water. This makes clean up easier as treated oil will not stick to the vacuum apparatus designed for oil collection.

The surfactant feature of the De-Oil-It chemistry helps to dissolve and break apart smaller oil segments from a larger hydrocarbon chain. Furthermore, on land and soil, surfactants drive the treated oil with De-Oil-It into the ground to assist getting closer to indigenous bacteria that completes full decomposition of oil into soluble carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. This is what makes De-Oil-It so safe for the environment.

De-Oil-It is a hydrocarbon degrader that completely removes oil substances from surfaces and leaves no residue. De-Oil-It detoxifies and is an environmentally responsible product. Hydrocarbon contaminants (oil, greases, lipids-fats, fuels) are decomposed to non-detect pollution levels and thereby detoxified. The biodegrading action completes the detoxification cycle.

All the ingredients in De-Oil-It are on the FDA GRAS list (Generally Recognized as Safe). Both your health and the health of the ecosystem are safeguarded as De-Oil-It begins to immediate remove any nauseous or toxic fumes, odors, or volatile vapors. De-Oil-It immediately removes the flash point meaning the contaminate will not catch fire or if it does, the fire will be extinguished.

De-Oil-It optimizes and enhances conditions for biodegrading. Biodegrading, by EPA definition, is the last step to completely detoxify via bacteria. De-Oil-It leaves treated hydrocarbons in a pH range of 7.2 to 8.3 which are optimal biodegrading conditions for indigenous bacteria to complete decomposition of treated contamination.

De-Oil-It detoxifies and cleans a wide range of hydrocarbon-based contaminations from oils, fuels (including aviation and racing quality fuels), TCE, PCB, PAH , hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid (ATF) and brake and power steering fluids. Included on the list are benzene, xylene, toluene, glycols, pesticides, solvents, paint, thinners, ink, resins, polishes, and lubricants.