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What is De-Grease-It?

Available sizes:
32oz Spray Bottle, 1 gallon Jug, 5 gallon Pail, 55 gallon Drum & 275 gallon Tote


DE-GREASE-IT is a next generation Degreaser/Degrader that cleans grease, fuel & oil spills found throughout maintenance and janitorial industries better than any others sold today. In fact, the outstanding cleaning and degreasing ability of DE-GREASE-IT is so completely through that when applied correctly, not even a trace of hydrocarbons will remain. DE-GREASE-IT also helps eliminate the dangerous fuel vapors that can cause fires and explosions.

Because DE-GREASE-IT results in a more thorough cleanup than is possible with other cleaning agents, it has become the perfect go-to product for many types of today’s maintenance companies. Some of these include janitorial companies, pressure washing companies, property management companies, commercial laundry companies, hotels, commercial floor cleaners, and more.