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Applications & Uses for LANOX Heavy Duty MX4

Applications & Uses

ANCHORS, CHAINS & SHACKLE BOLTS: For good protection against corrosion and helps reduce fouling. Anchor chains & shackles. Drum cables and net chains on trawlers and fishing boats.

CONCRETE: Keeps corrosion and moisture out of chains and open gears on mixers, agitators and helicopter finishers.

CONSTRUCTION & FABRICATION: Protects bare metal surfaces, frame work in the open air from corrosion during construction before painting - Also good for the protection of all unpainted metal held in storage.

EARTH MOVING MACHINERY: Use as an anti-seize on track and blade bolts & nuts before screwing together - Protects all blades and bare metal surfaces between use.

FARM MACHINERY: Protects all painted and bare mental surfaces, sprockets, chains & cables, PTO splines & couplings from corrosion on all tractors, harvesters (grain, sugar, grape, etc), sowers, vegetable diggers and washers in use and in the off season.

IRRIGATION PLANT & PIPES: Keeps pipe threads, chains, cables, linkages and couplings clean and free from corrosion and lubricated while in use and when in storage.

JET SKIS & OUTBOARDS: Protects outboards, clamps, props and jet skis from salt water corrosion, will not harm or harden rubber fittings - Keeps control & steering cables and linkages in good working order and corrosion free.

LIVESTOCK TRANSPORT: Apply to all livestock crates and gates (rail, road, etc) to protect from rust and chemical corrosion before transit or in storage.

MINING: Protects all bare metal surfaces, pump motors (above and below ground), drag lines, chains & winches from moisture & corrosion in adverse climatic conditions.

MOORINGS & SLIPS: Stops electrolysis - Keeps winches, cables, slip cradles and wheel bushes lubricated & corrosion free.

PROTECTION: Protects all painted and bare metal surfaces in the open from moisture and corrosion - Protects all timber surfaces for water and dry rot (may slightly darken bare timber but it will not harm it) - Waterproofs and protects leather harnesses, boots, etc. Protects Firearms, barrels, etc in long term storage, will not harm stocks or metal finishes.

RUBBER & NEOPRENE: Protects and lubricates rubber and neoprene hoses, seals, bushes and O rings

TRAILERS: Boat, box & car trailers and horse floats, coat on chassis, springs, axles, hinges, couplings, winches and cables for protection from sea air and salt water corrosion.

THREAD ANTI-SEIZE: Apply to all metal threads before joining, stops threads from corroding together, makes it easier to undo all joints, nuts, bolts and screws at a later date. Metal to metal soft seal gasket.

WIRE ROPE & CHAINS: Lubricates and protects chains and wire rope from corrosion.