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BGBC A/C Coil Cleaner is ideal for coils, evaporators, duct work and vents.

The catalytic enzyme action is substantially different than synthetic chemical action. Much less product is required and a long-lasting residual is included.

BGBC A/C Coil Cleaner was developed specifically to address air conditioning coil cleaning and system maintenance requirements in residential, commercial and public facilities.

BGBC A/C Coil Cleaner is a specially formulated combination of natural ingredients designed to provide a superior treatment alternative to synthetic chemicals.

BGBC A/C Coil Cleaner is the modern scientific way to clean away biological contaminants and unpleasant odors that often result from a dirty system.

BGBC A/C Coil Cleaner helps prevent dirty evaporators from spreading biological contaminants especially when used in concert with our BGBC Disinfectants.

BGBC A/C Coil Cleaner eliminates “stinky sock” syndrome in heat pumps, saving costly coil removal.


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